You were denied access to this server. This could be for any one of the below reasons:

  • You mistyped the address or tried to access this server from a very old browser that lacks support for TLS SNI. Any browser that is even remotely recent should work fine, but if you are using Internet Explorer 6, you just might want to upgrade.
  • You were trying to log in somewhere and your credentials were not valid.
  • Your IP address is considered spam by CrowdSec or DNSBL.
  • ModSecurity did not like what you are trying to do. This typically only happens if you are trying to exploit common vulnerabilities on my website.
  • You have been banned by BunkerWeb. It will automatically ban IP addresses by observing bad behavior.

If none of the above are true, feel free to contact me so I can try to fix the issue for you! Please include:

  • Your public IP address (simply Google “what is my ip”),
  • the exact page you were trying to open, and
  • when you tried to open the page.